Hypo Allergenic Lotions and Potions

Hypo-Allergenic, Natural, Somewhat Organic Lotions and Potions

I live in Fort Collins, Colorado. According to the National Weather Service, the temperature right now at 2:02pm on November 18, 2008 is 75. The relative humidity: 14%. Whoops, sorry. It just went down to 13%. Low humidity is awesome. It’s cooler in the summers and warmer in the winters because you don’t feel damp all the time. Summers are particularly lovely. You don’t sweat in the shower, you don’t stick to yourself, and your hair looks terrific all the time. Winter is a little more complex. While we have more sunny days than Florida (I’m not kidding, folks) and all the snow stays in the mountains or blows over Fort Collins to the eastern plains (so you can ski or snowshoe whenever you want, but never have trouble getting to the grocery store), the dry climate does have a few drawbacks. In fact, we invested in a whole house humidifier because of frequent nose bleeds and cracked, dry skin.

When we first moved here in 2002 I really struggled with dry skin and even some strange rashes that even fabulous Dr. Beck couldn’t identify. She suggested that I use only hypoallergenic lotions and body washes. No problem. Except I really wanted to use products that were natural and earth friendly. That knocks out everything from Kiss My Face, Burts Bees and other favorites that I had used for years. I searched high and low – well, really I used the internet. Eventually I found a great company, Alba Botanica, that has a whole line of hypo-allergenic lotions, creams, sun screens and hair care products that are available at our local health food and even grocery stores. The stuff ain’t cheap, but whenever Vitamin Cottage has a sale, I stock up on the big bottles. Now I have no rashes and supple skin – for a 40 year old Coloradan.  As for the nose bleeds and other sinus issues. Also solved thanks to my acupuncturist, Pam DeVore, who recommended trying a Neti Pot. Ancient Chinese Secret… that really works. Here’s a wacky video that shows you how to use it. I don’t follow any of their advice and I certainly don’t do their post-neti pot exercises. Maybe I’m really missing out on more amazing benefits.

Neti Pot and Salt

Neti Pot and Salt

Here’s what I do. Make a saline solution of a teaspoon of salt and warm water. Then, and this is the crazy part, you pour the solution into one nostril and let it run through your sinus cavity and out the other nostril. Repeat with other nostril. Best to do this over a sink to avoid embarrassing wet spots on your clothing, a slippery floor or wet dog. Blow your nose after each Neti pot session. Then, voila, no sinus headaches, no allergies and no nosebleeds.

Before I found the neti pot, I used calendula creme inside my nose. I passed this Q-tip on to my mother who gets nosebleeds whenever she visits us from St. Louis.  Being my mother, you would be correct in guessing that she is also an overachiever.  She used so much calendula in her nose that she developed sores and had to stop. Good thing she has chronically low blood pressure.

P.S. No one paid me anything to write this.  And our humidity is now way up to 18%.