We have been members of the Monroe Organic Farm for six years.  Every Wednesday my husband Scott and I pick up a load of fruits and vegetables that were harvested just hours earlier in the day.  This week we got red and dark purple sweet peppers, banana peppers, globe eggplants, a cucumber, a bicolor summer squash, string beans, yukon gold potatoes, carrots, yellow onions, four varieties of tomatoes and a honeydew melon.  The food is often caked with crumbly soil fresh from the farm.  We soak the veggies overnight to rehydrate their sun-shocked flesh.  Then we get everything into the fridge or appropriate storage location.  We keep potatoes in a cabinet where we also store baking supplies.  Onions and garlic go in the spice cabinet.  If we have more onions than I will use in a week, I store them in the back of the fridge.  Right now we have a freezer full of roasted corn, many kinds of peppers, pesto frozen in ice cube trays, tomato sauce and a big container of borscht.  I will use all of these over the winter months.